Saturday, November 24, 2012

How I Make My Leather Flowers

Here is a quick process on how I create my leather flowers which I love attaching to my clutches and purses.  These flowers give a classic, vintage look to your items!

First, I'll design my flower pattern, trace and cut from a 3-4 oz. piece of vegetable tan leather and then soak the flowers in a bowl of water for about a minute.

I will then lay them out on some paper towel and let the flowers sit for a few minutes to let the water soak into the leather.

I use a stylus carving pen to create the veins in the flower.

After drawing in all of the flower veins begin shaping the petals by lightly pinching them until you get the desired shape you want.

This is what your flower should look like after shaping the petals.

I will then use a hole punch to punch a hole in the center of the flower.  Be sure to use a protective mat underneath.

Let your flowers dry completely before adding any leather dye.

Carefully paint your leather dye onto the flowers.  I like to use Tandy Leather Factory's Eco Flo Water-Based leather dye.

Once your leather flowers are dyed let them dry completely before applying a protective coating.

Once the leather dye has dried you are then ready to apply your finishing, protective coat.  Carefully paint the protective coating onto the flowers and let it dry completely.  It's best to add two coats of the protective finish in order get better protection.  Make sure you let each layer of coating dry before adding another layer.

You are now ready to add your leather flowers to your bags, purses, wristlets, headbands, etc...  I like to use brass or nickel snaps to attach the flowers for a nice, secure fit.  

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Such Fun Projects!

The Purl Bee is a great place for project ideas!  These Linen Flower pillows actually reminds me of my grandmother.  The colors and the choice of material brings back memories of when I was a little girl.  I loved to sit and watch my grandmother sew on various projects from jackets to canvas tents.  The Linen Flower pillows looks easy enough to make as a "Mother-Daughter" project.  Check out the The Purl Bee and their online shop, Purl Soho, for various sewing and crafting supplies!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Too Long of a Break? I think so!

Okay, okay, okay...  I have to admit - I've been kind of procrastinating for the past four months now on getting some items made up and posted in my Etsy shop.  Now that the sun is up most of the day and evening in Barrow, Alaska I have had quite an energy boost!  During my long break I did some brainstorming on some new items that I would like to make.  Leather crafting caught my attention and I am loving it!  
I'm back into the swing of things so I'll see you very soon!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Inupiaq Chic

"Inupiaq Chic" is a great way to describe these beautiful items, don't ya think?

It's not very often I get to work with seal skin. 

Since we only take what we can consume. 

These items are made with beautiful quality, spotted seal skin.  Seal Skin has been a long used material in traditional Inuit clothing such as jackets, waterproof boots, mittens, hats, waterproof pants and hunting bags, etc... 

I love creating modern, functional items with this material every chance I get!  

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Beautiful Finds: An Autumn Color

Fall is in the air and these Autumn colors are worth 'falling' for!  

Be sure to click on the links below each photo to see more beautiful handmade items by these amazing artists and crafters.

Flower Pendant Flower Lace Necklace - Autumn Spice 

Orange Coffee Cup Cozy, Tea Mug Sleeve, Pumpkin Terracotta, Fall Autumn Leaf Wood

Fall Foliage Card 

Plantable Confetti Leaves,Fall or Autumn Wedding Favors or Table Decorations

Pumpkin Spice a Deep Orange Magnolia Hair Clip 

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Maktak Wristlet!

This eye-catching wristlet is made with the casual Eskimo gal in mind. It's fun and classy with an Eskimo twist! The trimmings are a miniature imitation of the pretty and modern Eskimo jackets made today. Each middy braid is folded and sewn in between each layer of bias tape creating the beautiful diamond-shaped designs.
It has a small slip pocket to fit your credit cards or folded cash. It’s great for holding your checkbook, cell phones, make-up, keys, cash, cards, etc… Exterior and Interior Fabrics: Organic Cotton Twill APRROXIMATE MEASUREMENTS: Zipper Opening – 7.25 inches Length – 8 inches Height – 5 inches CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Spot clean only.

Below is a brief process in pictures of how I create the maktak trimmings...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Long Summer

 (My grandfather in his younger years in Washington recovering from Tuberculosis.)

It's been a long Summer and a hard one at that.  I pretty much set everything aside to help my family care for our father/grandfather, Thomas.  He went to be with the Lord on August 25, 2010.  I called him "Dad."  Him and my grandmother ("Mom") raised me since I was very little.  They have instilled so much love and compassion in me and I am glad to share that with my own family.  

(My grandfather with his younger brother, Ira, who died from tuberculosis as a young boy.)

My grandfather was born near Flaxman Island, Alaska to the Saavgaq Family and moved to Barrow, Alaska with his adoptive parents, the Panningona's, when he was a small boy.  He began work since he was 12 years old to help support his parents and siblings.  He believed in hard work and was never lazy.  Although he was uneducated, he was skilled in carpentry, plumbing, and electrical and did not need to draw out a plan to build his cabins, garage, sleds, etc...  He knew basic math only to figure out how much his supplies would cost before his next project.  
(My grandmother, Dorothy, and my grandfather, Thomas, at my wedding reception.)

After his passing, I received emails and comments from other people in the community telling me how my grandfather was such a good man.  They told me how he used to help others in their time of need, how he was such a gentlemen, and how he was a hard worker with good morals.  My grandfather used to tell us stories of the past and I loved it when he would talk to us about how he met our grandmother.  He also told us that his father used to read the Bible to him every morning when he was a child.  I believe those words from the Bible burned into his heart and became reality when he showed his love for his wife, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  We were a close family before, but now, I believe we have become closer and stronger after his death.  My grandfather is an inspiration to us and now we are trying to follow his example in life.  
(My grandfather in his last days.  Laying next to him is my youngest child, Tucker.  They loved each other so much.  Baby Tucker used to run into his bedroom to give his Amau (great-grandfather) a hug and a kiss.  I am so grateful that they got to know each other.)

I can go on and on about my Dad (grandfather).  He is surely missed.  The memories with him live on in our hearts and I like to say, It's not "goodbye", it's "I'll see you later."