Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Inupiaq Chic

"Inupiaq Chic" is a great way to describe these beautiful items, don't ya think?

It's not very often I get to work with seal skin. 

Since we only take what we can consume. 

These items are made with beautiful quality, spotted seal skin.  Seal Skin has been a long used material in traditional Inuit clothing such as jackets, waterproof boots, mittens, hats, waterproof pants and hunting bags, etc... 

I love creating modern, functional items with this material every chance I get!  


  1. Somehow discovered your page on FB and I'm so pleased I did! Love your work, wow!

  2. You are amazing! I haven't seen many pieces like this except for my travels in Greenland. How do you get seal skin to work with. I would love to sew some myself. I am Inupiaq.

    Thank you!