Saturday, November 24, 2012

How I Make My Leather Flowers

Here is a quick process on how I create my leather flowers which I love attaching to my clutches and purses.  These flowers give a classic, vintage look to your items!

First, I'll design my flower pattern, trace and cut from a 3-4 oz. piece of vegetable tan leather and then soak the flowers in a bowl of water for about a minute.

I will then lay them out on some paper towel and let the flowers sit for a few minutes to let the water soak into the leather.

I use a stylus carving pen to create the veins in the flower.

After drawing in all of the flower veins begin shaping the petals by lightly pinching them until you get the desired shape you want.

This is what your flower should look like after shaping the petals.

I will then use a hole punch to punch a hole in the center of the flower.  Be sure to use a protective mat underneath.

Let your flowers dry completely before adding any leather dye.

Carefully paint your leather dye onto the flowers.  I like to use Tandy Leather Factory's Eco Flo Water-Based leather dye.

Once your leather flowers are dyed let them dry completely before applying a protective coating.

Once the leather dye has dried you are then ready to apply your finishing, protective coat.  Carefully paint the protective coating onto the flowers and let it dry completely.  It's best to add two coats of the protective finish in order get better protection.  Make sure you let each layer of coating dry before adding another layer.

You are now ready to add your leather flowers to your bags, purses, wristlets, headbands, etc...  I like to use brass or nickel snaps to attach the flowers for a nice, secure fit.